friday fun night

kids sleeping
friends laughing
kendall creepily peeking
a night of potluck
kesh's nobel-prize worthy 2x potatoes
"who, what, where?"
heart-felt friendship
cherishing words
cherishing time
cherishing the wards
now that time seems short...
we look back:
the past 5 have been the best of our lives
the next 5 will look different
but our family of friends remains...
to reunite aboard our dream cruise
any chance we will all be unpregnant in 2011?

the gang circa 2005 - the week we moved to china
-kendall (3 mo. old)
-still a]waiting on the stork: foster, rowan, kyra, reece, cory, morgan, unborn baby girl witmer and baby ward -wow thats a lot of kids! if only we had known what amazing things the next few years would have in store for all of us!

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