i can't seem to...

remember anything.

i have a serious brain spillage issue. things spill out and never return.
i have tried to remind myself 4 times that we need milk. it spills out every time.
i have written myself 8 notes to finish our berkheimer taxes (yeikes!)
i can't ever remember that i have a load of laundry in the washer. so i have to wash it again. (and again).
i have forgotten to make dinner at least 7 nights in a row. sad but true.
i totally forgot to write back to my dear friend denise...in fact i even forgot that she had written me in the first place!
it's not that these things aren't important, it's the sad and quite alarming fact that my brain just can't hold it's girth anymore.
i remember the days of ole when i would multi task the daylight out of problems in need of solutions. i could remember the slightest details and recall strange and wonderous facts.
i would even go so far as to remember to mail birthday cards and congradulatory notes ahead of time.
not so much any more.
what is it about me?
is it my newly aquired 30-something status?
is it my much over exposed brain power and newly faultering eyesight that should clue me in?
i think i am in need of one of those voice-recorders that they advertize for your keychains.
"get milk"
"pick up drycleaning" (well, we don't dryclean anything, but if i did, i'm sure i would need something to remind me to pick it up :)

ok, enough. i'm sure i have something that i should be doing right now...
if only i had written down what it was :)

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