my masterpiece...

I spent an alarming 20-some hours last week creating these...including an entire day with my mom while my sweeter-than-life hubby took a day off to spend with the kids at the zoo so I could have 17 uninterrupted hours. Although I nearly quit at various points during the horrendous pattern that is the amy butler weekender bag...I was pleased with the final product. The sophia (smaller of the two) felt like a breezy walk on the struble trail in comparison. Hopefully my customer will be pleased with her new travel accessories.
I did learn an important truth whilst tackling the apparently untested pattern configurations and ill fitting seam components. I can admit my shortcomings. It seems that dark chocolates and pattern lingo have bested me. I'll stick to less brain boggling projects in the future, but look back with glazed endearment on the week I tackled my first real patterns.

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  1. haha, well I think they're cute. What a nice hubby you have :)


  2. Those are so adorable!!!! I love to sew....I wish I had more time.

  3. i NEED one of those!!!! the top one please!

  4. Those are so fantastic! You are the next Kate Spade!



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