photog assistance

hey all you photo experts. i'm in need of your camera know-how.

i've been snapping away as usual, expecting my normal amount of d200 camera amazingness.
today was a balmy 70 degrees, sunny, perfection.
but all of the sudden i'm seeing blue...horrifying, washed out, putrescent blue.
see what i mean?

i know we are a naturally pastey family, but this is a bit too far :)
my settings must be all wrong, but i have no idea what to change.

i've tried on program (P). i've fiddled with apature priority (A). i've messed with the f-stop. i've cranked the iso. all to no avail.

any suggestions??

please help. we can't be a pastey blue family forever!


  1. not sure if this is the problem as i am just now learning about this myself, but see if you can find your white balance in your menu. whitin white balance there are different settings, like cloudy, sunny, shade, etc. make the setting for the type of day you are shooting in and see if that helps!

  2. Looks like white balance to me :) Hope you've figured it out!



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