thankful flu

we had all saved our appetites...saved them for our turkey day feast.
my parents had arrived.
the kids were seated.
it was time.
the food was arrayed and the forks were waiting in eager anticipation.
as we plunged our serving spoons into the mounded paprika potatoes, dipped a healthy serving of roasted apples and sweet potatoes, forked a slice of smoking hot turkey and overloaded our portions of my mom's famous mandarin orange/cranberry salad, we heard an all too familiar tone...

the tone that every mom knows a little too well...the lovely notes of sputtering puke.

yes, before our forks could ingest even a single morsel (save a bite of my favorite pumpkin chocolate chip muffins) my sweet foster was overcome with the flu.

a perfect pre-thanksgiving meal appetizer with a side of the strawberry milk i had given him an hour before, we were in full flu mode with towels and upholstery cleaner flying every which way.

but, in true foster fashion, even his 104.1 fever didn't spike his sweet spirit as he kindly answered "no thank you" when i asked him if he needed a drink, and a pleasant, "i'm feeling pretty sick mom" as his pale complexion shuddered under the cool forehead rags.

as of now, it's 1pm the day after turkey day and i am happy to report we are quite thankful. the flu, the fever, the puke has subsided. no other flu-goers have been reported thus far. hopefully we are one and done here at the weldon household.
ah, thanksgiving. always making memories :)


  1. I'm so glad he's feeling better today. We've been fighting off sickness at our house for weeks it seems.

  2. ohmygosh, what a polite, sweet little man! I had to read that to my Sister it was so cute! Little kids and the flu :( Sweet post though, happy thanksgiving weekend!




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