energy everlasting

There are several things I don't understand. Ok, lots and lots of things that are beyond my comprehension ability...but one remains foremost in my daily wonderings. Right nextdoor to "why can't someone discover calorie free cheese curls" is my question of all questions: "how in the world do kids have such an energy abundance??? more than enough energy to race full sprint ahead wearing dinosaur goloshes, carrying 2 hands packed full of bulldozers, a trailing scratchy monkey, a pull along wagon, several tons of pretzel sticks being munched and still manage to maneuver over a stack of large couch cushions, a dangerous assortment of matchbox cars, and an overturned basket of books."
Yes I know. Long, overwritten sentence. But the scariest part is I could keep going. The energy ability is quite mind bogging. All. Day. Long. 12. Hours. Every. Single. Day.

Today, the question was finally solved.
Behold my conversation with foster moments ago:

(while spinning in micro circles and flailing his arms)

Me: "wow, someone has a LOT of energy today!"

Foster: "mom, can you ask me questions for where I get my energy from? Who gave it to me?"

Me: "sure buddy! Where do you get so much energy? I would love to know! Who gave it to you?"

Foster: "from Jesus!"
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    where does he come up with this stuff!
    i feakin love this kid!

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  3. LOL! So cute! Kids are so funny :)

    By the way, you have an award on my blog ;o)



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