we no longer exist

in christmas cards.

i came to a sad realization last week as i perused my millions of backup drives for just the right shots to display on our christmas cards. i could not find a single picture of clint and i together in the last 6 months except for this one....which foster took as i was walking out the door to go to work on a saturday (hence the keys and manditory coffee :) sometime oh-around august.

i gotta say, his photography skills are quite advanced. i could post a birrage of the adorable pics he snaps...mostly of toy cars, rowan eating, and random clutter but they are so perfect as taken from his little boy viewpoint. there are also quite a few of me in very unflattering poses, unaware that i am being photographed and therefore not sucking in my non-flattening abdominal areas :)

but that's it. nothing else. nada. we literally do not exist on film together. i have managed to document every other detail except ourselves. kind of strange, if you think about it.

and then there are these...UPS was kind enough to deliver them today, much to my excitement...
which follow up the point that clint and i don't exist, but also shows that we would greatly inhibit the ultra cuteness that is donning this year's christmas cards.

i'm quite extatic about their amazingness.

thanks to peartree, they are just what i was looking for: inexpensive :)

i must also add that the 2 best pics (the closeups) were taken by my dear friend linds this past fall...they are 2 of my most fav pics of all time.

so there you have it. a really long post. i guess i could have just said: "look, our christmas cards are here!" and ended there. but now i've written all of this nonsense...might as well post it.

wow. i'm beyond wordy.


  1. haha, no - I liked the long explanation. Weird how we don't take the time to sometimes do things like that- PS the cards- SO cute!!!!


  2. I love your wordiness ang and you can be wordy all day long and I will still read!!! Oh and I LOVE the Christmas cards! The damask print reminds me of you and your fabrics...so while you may not be on the card, you are still on there in a small way!

  3. So happy that you loved your cards!

  4. Love the cards and the pic foster took...maybe he has a promising future in photography.



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