the weekend

it's always exciting when friday comes along.
but this weekend is especially special.
for christmas, my hubby planned a weekend gettaway at a (free!) beach house - for this weekend...friday through sunday....starting today.
he scheduled my awesome parents to keep the boys
and even bought me a new shirt and jeans to wear (a luxury around these parts).
i secretly bought him a new outfit too, and since he seldom reads my blog, the secret is safe :)

so, today is friday.
in all of the hecticness of life this past week
i was pleasantly surprised to realize it was friday.
the day we have been dreaming of
i ran out of time last night and didn't get to pack any of our things, nor did i pack any of the kids things...
somehow i need to find time to do that.
the house is a mess.
i have 7 loads of laundry on my bed waiting to be folded.
i did manage to load the dish washer,
but the kids are both getting colds and i'm sure i will forget to pack their humidifiers.
maybe i should re-read this blog before i leave so i will remember :)
i think there is a good chance i won't have time to take a shower,
and i'm quite certian there is a large number of food remnants in every surface of the kitchen floor that won't get vaccumed.
my stack of looming paperwork and bills without stamps will not get mailed
and the pile of etsy items i've been attempting list will not get listed.
i did manage to finish two orders last night, but i totally forgot to mend my husband's sweater (which he put in my sewing room 3 weeks ago)
i still need to call the doc and set up rowan's 2 yr well checkup (since he turned 2 on monday, i guess i should do that :) but i'll take the bet that it will slip away from my mind again.

for once, i'm not letting it bother me.
i'm calmly writing a blog and in a few moments, i'm heading to the train shop with the boys, where they have been begging me to go every day this week.
stuff can wait.
today, i'm in weekend mode a few hours early.
because, after all, i'm going away this weekend! :)


  1. hope you have a fabulous weekend! you totally deserve the rest. :)

  2. Have a great weekend dear! Did you see how well the giveaway is going?!?! AWESOME!



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