i love etsy. i love perusing the creativity that oozes from it. i never fail to leave inspired and perhaps a little miffed that my own creative juices don't extend to such far expanses as so many etsyers.

my shortcomings aside, this little bit of lovely graced my doorstep this afternoon. would you believe that i ordered it on monday evening and regina at Lilian Eve Designs made and shipped it by wednesday morning? seriously. that's awesome!

this super soft neckwarmer isn't just great for outdoor wear, no siree. this baby is meant to be shown off even when the jacket hits the closet.

i'm more than excited to donn it, although at the moment my hair seems to be in cahoots with the darma initiative :) so in leiu of a mirror shot of me, i thought i had better let my scantilly clad lady friend show it off. i will give it a debut tomorrow night on a date with mr. clinto.

i'll be honest. i first spotted it on my sister in love, lauren. she wears it best by a long shot...so cute, right?

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  1. You are adorable and I love your writing:)! Thank-you!



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