the billowing blizzard gave us great fun digging tunnels and prepping snow gardens this morning. and although the kids will tell you the snow is the best part, for some reason i love the moments just before we enter the snowing wonderland. i love the warmth. the crazy make-shift snow attire i make the kids wear. i love watching them enjoy their sleds, even before they get outside. i love the anticipation of snowballs and sand shovels. i love their rosey cheeks that aren't yet frozen, and their amazement as they look outside for the first time and see the winter that awaits.


  1. your pictures are sooo beautiful! you will be so thrilled to have them later in life...they're just perfect!

  2. ohhh my goodness these pictures are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing! seriously, i want all of these on our wall!

  3. Great shots! I'm sure you guys had lots of fun out there!



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