valentines day love

we're no strangers to projects here in the weldon household.
(see here, here, and here)
but we'vebecome strangers as of late.
our condo was originally purchased to flip, but has quickly shown us just what a flop it really is.
i won't indulge our regretful real estate venture,
but i will pronounce to myself that we are determined to rise above and learn from our mistakes. so, that means we are back in full renovation mode.

the problem is, neither of us ever feel like actually starting.
we make lists.
we make plans of when to sit down and revisit our lists.
we talk about talking about starting.
it's procrastination at it's finest. in the end, we usually start randomly and end months later. but this time, we are avidly fighting against our norm and have developed a one week plan, starting yesterday. valentines day, of all days.

in true clinto style, he awoke early, unable to go back to sleep, and proceeded to GO TO THE GROCERY STORE! seriously, it was the best valentines day gift ever! i awoke to hot coffee and chocolate covered doughnuts (my favorite) as well as the knowledge that i could cross "Giant" off of my to-do list! hallelujah!

shortly after the waking up and the grocery store and 2 chocolate covered doughnut children, day one of our one week plan began. with gusto, clint gutted our hall bath and ripped up an alarming amount of rotten disgustingness. seriously, the filth that lies beneath carpet or laminate flooring is some of the scummiest grime on earth. coupled with the fact that our entire house was originally un-updated since the mid 1970's i hate to envision what has transpired since these floors last saw the light of day.

we were also able to finally rid ourselves of our third (yes THIRD) sea shell sink. here's the jem on the day we moved in. soap bar and all. uhg. i hate bar soap. may i just ask, who in he world thought sea shell shaped sinks were such a visually appealing choice that they installed three??

oh, and here's me. and my "no shower morning" crazy hair :)


my downstairs paint project began as the boys went to bed and although the prep work of painting seems to drag on for hours, i got half of our beautiful grey kitchen ceiling primed with white. we both have a strange obsession for dark ceilings, but now that i am repainting with utter annoyance, i regret the grey decision.

the birthday frogs are the only ones that don't seem to mind the paint intrusion and they are still swimming happily.

did i meantion that staying organized and keeping up with my already impounding levels of paperwork in the midst of my paint project is nearly impossible.

so, this is my valentines day post.
filled with the hatred of project, but the love of hope...hoping that we will someday find ourselves in the home with room to grow...

here's to us not procrastinating :)


  1. Hooray for you all for getting started on your massive project list!

  2. Sounds like you have a lot to keep you busy!! And adorable pictures of you. :)

  3. Hooray!! I am such am a procrastinator. Thank you so much for your sweet words--made my day! So glad we crossed paths! Hope your having a great day! xoxo



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