i have a relationship...with my phone.

having email on my phone is one of the most useful progressions since the invention of the internet
i can't go back. no way, no how.
i'm addicted.

traveling email has revolutionized my little side business as i can keep up with orders while we are out galavanting

but, as much as i love it, i hate it.
i can't seem to keep my mind away from it.
phone checkage is burned into my dna.
in the past few months (specifically since getting new email/internet savvy equipment) i've realized i need to change my horrifying check-happy habit...

specifically when in the presence of my little mini-me's

i turn my alerts to "calls only" (as much as it pains me to do so) and fight the urge to check my little digital friend if i see a message alert flashing.
such a little thing has a big impact.
choosing to refrain acctually frees me to focus more on real life things.
it's rather enlightening.

i've realized i hate what i look like when talking or texting in the presence of my kids.

i hate it because it bothers me when i see other people doing it...
(which means that i am acctually irritated at what i see in myself when it is reflected by someone else.)
as i watch a seemingly unattentive parent texting, i think to myself "wake up! your kid is crying, and you are answering a text! seriously!"
but then my own phone rings and i answer it. my kids start wizzing random items past my head and i have the nerve to wonder what's gotten into them.

so the real problem is me. and my phone.
as i sit here blogging, it's on my lap.
waiting. patiently.
it always waits. i love how it waits.

if only i could mimic it's stealthy patience.
perhaps i could ward off future my future impatience as i look for a moment i hide in the closet and check my email.

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