i'm afraid of twitter.

i don't know what it is
i just don't get it
maybe i don't want to get it, for fear that it will be one more unnecessary reason to check my phone.

it's like facebook, right?
people write status updates?
for being so savvy in the phone arena, i'm completely in the twitter dark ages.

are you all twittering about important things and i am missing out on secretive, fun and noteworthy conversations?

how does anyone find the time to twitter when there are little people twittering all around at all times?

even if i did decide to become a tweeter (seriously, that is the dumbest word, ever) i am so wordy that the twitter administrators would surely give me a minimum tweet quota that i would undoubtedly be unable to meet.
maybe the blogger administrators are considering the same thing :)


  1. I haven't made the leap to Twitter yet either. But Jim loves it. He keeps telling me I should get on it. I have browsed his account before, so I do understand it, I'm too just afraid it will end up being ONE. MORE. THING. to distract me from things I should be doing.

  2. Hey there new bloggy friend,
    Thank you for your sweet comment you left tonight. I read a speck of your blog...love the title by the way...read it to Dw and he laughed...

    Anyway, congratulations on heading to get #3 - from China! Adoption is THE BEST - truly!!

    Oh! And about Twitter...I do it, occasionally I say something humorous, but most of the time I use it for prayer requests or things like that...I told my bloggy friends that if I had had Twitter when our home was on fire I could have and would have kept in close contact with my praying bloggy buddies....so that's why I do it. I am on FB, but rarely go on it, just not my style...blogging is where my heart is and it has become my ministry.

    Anyway, I pray God blesses you as you pursue Him and show Crazy Love to others...

    Love, Linny



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