it's official...we're listed!

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  1. Um.... I don't think I've been to that house. Where are all the toys?! And where did that amazingly beautiful guest bedroom come from?! The house looks gorgeous. Praying it sells fast!

  2. Angie - hi! We've met before - I'm friends with Chad and Linzee and that bunch :) I love your blog and check in on it from time to time - excited about your adoption! I wanted to tell you I was looking at the real estate pages (as we are looking to buy something), and came across this listing - and thought WOW this is SO CUTE! And it seems SO BIG for Summit House! I kept going on - visited your blog - to find it was YOUR condo! Haha! You have a beautiful home :) Is it 3 BR? What is with the other random rooms (playroom, etc)? Best of luck selling!



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