cake wrecks. my favorite place.

maybe it's the whitty cake banter that is so enjoyable or the painfully horrible creations that are acctually made and sold at a sad, unfortunate bakery somewhere, but this website is awesome. seriously. take a gander. i almost peed the other day it was so funny. i said, almost...

and just when you think you have seen the worst...every once in a while, they show a little perfection...
that's then i remember how much i love gazing at the well crafted art of confectionary delight:

if i could time travel back to our wedding day, i might just choose this bit of heaven for my design inspiration :)

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  1. I LURVE cake wrecks! I've been following the blog for about a year....even made one of my best friends a carrot jockey t-shirt for her birthday :)



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