the captive.

once upon a pleasant spring morning
a tender spider crept.
leisurely about his business of spidering
he was taken captive.
upon closer inspection, his story unfolded.

his quirky adolescent frame leads me to believe he's a spider in his youth
and yet a stealthy strength bodes his stature.
i can only imagine his horror as he peruses his surroundings.
the various array of random kitchen utensils-turned sand toys,
triceratops figurines, bubble blowers and discarded easter eggs
they are sure to look like ancient weapons of torture

surely the spider alert has been sounded and all area recluses have been diverted to our location determined to free their fallen comrade or vow to entrench our home in a web of disaster.

he prevails bravely as he is toted mercilessly by his captors
as they hop and skip in various adventures
and although they find him exceedingly fascinating,
they are also quite entertained by the area's landscape and often fling a cup or two of slosh in his general direction.

his cellmates are none other than 3 ladybug inhabitants who have been held captive since 3pm yesterday.
at first glance, one would imagine a level of fear being sentenced with one such spidery comrade.
but upon closer inspection, a brazen and unspoken pact of respect is in effect.
it seems there is a code amongst the spider/ladybug community where peace has transformed their once hostile existence into a tranquil and unified coexistent society.
now finding themselves in such close proximity during their treacherous containment, both are pleased to find the truce in good working order.

so here it is written...
a plea to little spiders everywhere
watch where you step little friends
lest you find yourself at our house :)

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