our home study is....


yes, that's right...as of 4:23pm this afternoon, it's done!!!

i had a creative post planned telling all about it... i was expecting a big hoopla.
a scouring of our cabinets and childproofing skills (which we never really did other than outlet covers. it's called, "don't touch." that's my childproofing technique. :)

it only took 20 min. it look me longer to clean up our front yard littered with sand toys and miscellaneous bug catchers than it did for our much-sought-after homestudy.
and i'm thrilled about it! not only do i have a clean house, but the hope of our daughter is even more real now!!

onward we go!


  1. I just noticed the message you left me back in March (sorry about that). Thank you for your kind words ;-) I also must say, that I appreciate your creativity too!!! Your clutches are amazing!!! Katie Balla was telling me about you at her shower after we ALL ooohed and ahhhhed at the gifts you had given to her...

    On another note... Congratulations on completing your home study!!! I'll be praying for your family as you await the homecoming of your precious little girl...and that the wait won't be long...



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