the best day....ever.

there is nothing quite as delightful as seeing your child discover something brand new for the first time.
bright and early this morning, we were marching through the woods en route to the field behind my in-laws lovely home. foster was, as usual, out in front charging forth through the briers. lo and behold, he stops suddenly and exclaims, "mom! a turtle!!!" 
i could hardly believe my eyes...a sweet little box turtle...the kind of thing that makes little boys dreams come true. the kind of thing we have talked about for months, and there he was...less than a foot from our trail. i scooped him up and we trudged back to the house giggling and squacking about how much we loved him. we took turns holding him and testing his rough, yet smooth shell. we felt his over-long turtle nails and marveled at his little orange eyes. we quickly fashioned him a habitat out of an old diaper box and he now resides on the porch. 
in true angie fashion, our first order of buisness was a turtle photo shoot. i no longer need to prod my children into poses...they are accustomed to my photog obsession, and i'm sure they figure it's better to pose and get it over with :)
as you can see, rowan's a bit unenthused regarding the photo session. apparently i've overstayed my camera's welcome.

pretty cute little turtle habitat, right? he even has a rock with a slug on it :)

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  1. Looks like he took his new friend to dinner as well..or is that bkfst?



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