death, taxes and errands

there are several events in life that can't be avoided. death, taxes, and errands.
oh how i loath errands. returning things, running in for "just a minute," or for "just one thing." i usually have a stash of "errand" items somewhere looming...waiting...hoping to be brought back to their original venue. 
i REALLY loathe them when i am toating children. not because it takes twice (nay, thrice) as long to get out and in and out and in, but because i know how much the kids dread it.
today we ran errands worthy of a noble prize. we made 6 stops, the most i've ever attempted within such a short amount of time, including one to comcast to return our old remotes and dvr which required no less than 27 minutes of standing still in line. i also made it into jack's camera shop to return a faulty handgrip, only to find it was paid on clint's card. bummer. i fear i'll never make it back again. we attempted stop number 7 at sally's beauty supply to find my new hair color, but two little people melted down in the middle of the parking lot and i decided we should call it quits before all three of us threw a tantrum right there in the middle of the shopping center.
i still have errands number 7,8 and 9 left undone, and one is the post office in which i need a money order. i'm already expecting the line to be half way to canada.

the next time you have a million dollars hanging around, hire me a personal shopper/errand runner. oh and maybe a chef too. wait, maybe i would want a house cleaner? paperwork and bill payer? family photographer? adoption processing specialist? gardner/landscaper?  muralist? makeup and hairstylist? wardrobe stylist? personal trainer? wouldn't that be glorious!?? maybe for a few moments. i'm sure i'd just get board...but i'd like to try it anyway :)

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