we left the house at 3:30am this morning bound for the sunny NC coastline. we surprised even ourselves by having the car packed before dinner. amazing. although it never fails that I remeber the most random items as we walk out the door. this morning it was push pins to rig up darkening blankets over the windows so the boys sleep at least a few moments past sunup.
it never fails that something humorous occurs to keep me humble. earlier in the week i was bitten by a spider....apparently one that originated from the black widow genealogy because only one so mean would impart such a bite with the worlds greatest beach trip looming. after enduring several days of pain, trying hard to not whine as usual, I showed my bitten leg to mr. Clinto who immediately exclaimed "whoa that doesn't look good." excellent. the one time I try to be brave is inevitably the one time I should have already frequented medical treatment.
i found myself a walk in appt and a compassionate doctor amidst our packing yesterday. her exact words "yiekes...you poor thing." after finding fang puncture wounds (skeevy....I hate the word 'fangs') she prescribed a month of knockout antibiotics. the warning label reads "avoid sun exposure due to extreme burning."
perfection...just the words everyone longs to hear the day before embarking on a week long OBX siesta. then I googled "spider bite" and found what can only be explained has horrifying. i resolved to think a little time in the cast of our beach tent shadow is a small price to pay compared to my google findings. my spider and I are far from good friends but I have her to thank for the new cabana style sun hat I'm going to purchase when we arrive :)
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