the surprise

my husband drives about an hour to and from work each day. this past week, his typical hum-drum drive happened upon a top secret local destination which he kept to himself. on friday, he told me and the boys he had a special surprise planned for us on sunday at 12pm sharp (which is acctually today). we were quite ammused and pestered him for details, which he kept closely guarded only adding to our suspense. his only admission was that the surprise was 15 min away and something we have been wanting to do for a L-O-N-G time. in my opinion there are lots of things that could qualify...but none that fit a sunday afternoon within 15 min of our house.
upon arriving, the delightful squeels from the backseat told the whole story. my husband had found a random town fair a few minutes up the road. each day he passed it on his hum drum drive and he smiled...knowing the happiness that was to come from his little guys. you see, our little guys have literally asked every single day for an entire year to go back to the fair. last year was our first fair expirience...it was quite hilariously adorable. take a gander here.

this year:
we had great success on the vehical-go-round...dispite the horrible washed out effect my crazy phone gave this video, rowan's reactions are so sweet.

but the flying school bus remains our ongoing nemesis. although one moment after i stopped this video, rowan exclaimed "that was fun!" amidst his tears :)

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