just a normal tuesday morning...

we did our usual blueberry pancake breakfast as we said goodbye to clint.
moments later, coffee in hand, we were make-shifting another morning activity. in the 20 min since breakfast we had already made bead necklaces (correction...first we spilled ALL of the beaded accouterments on the kitchen floor), built a domino tower and successfully cried 4 times over not having enough time to swim before swimming class. the activities for the day were looking bleak.

it was at this moment that clint walked back through the door...with these:

no, he didn't make a morning run to toys-r-us....
word to the wise: keep eyes peeled for swanky spendthrift neighbors...these BRAND NEW trucks were in the trash! cha-ching!

our day suddenly moved to bulldozing, sand shoveling, and all around excitement. it was the birthday gift we would have loved to have bought for our son, but opted to go light on presents this year. sometimes i'm blown away by the ways that God can provide for our family. something as simple as 3 awesome trucks can remind us that God sees our family and can even provide something frivolous in His provision.

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