koo-koo for zhu-zhu

my mr. rowie is a well known snuggler. he snuggles everything...my mom's cats, random toys, daddy-long-leg spiders (yes, this is true...although his snuggling is more closely related to smooshing).

i love it when he finds a new item to snuggle. today, it's a zhu-zhu hamster. i had no idea these fuzzy creatures existed until lauren gifted two of them to foster for his birthday. they have since been coodeling and squirl-a-doodling all over the place.

the progression usually begins with "awwh, kute...snuggle you...carefule...row-row care yue. give kisses."

then moves to: "baby climb row-row"

"baby ride on head"

"baby ride in bulldoz"

"fosie, noooo!! row-row do!"


"come on baby, you do it!"

thankfully, his most favorite of all favorite things to snuggle is...
me :)

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