my dreams

i have extreemly realistic dreams. you know, the ones that take a few moments to realize they weren't acctually real when you wake up in the morning.
sometimes they are horrific and terrifying and i wake up with exasperation, praying and hoping they were dreams and not reality.

last night, i dreamed i was in china. the sights, the scent, the streets abuzz with movement. suddenly, i was embracing my daughter for the first time. i saw her face. majestic. and she loved me and it was finally real. she was mine. i carried her everywhere in my dream. she had a back injury, so i carried her to the doctor. i just kept telling her over and over how much i loved her. and she smiled. my dream kept fast forwarding and she kept growing up. i kept taking her to the doctor and i kept carrying her everywhere. when i put her down, she wouldn't let go because she loved me so much.
i'm hoping tonight we will meet again....my dreamy reality.

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