my hybrid

my rowie is a strange hybrid little boy. he is fueled by both fear and fearlessness all rolled into one little crazy guy.

beach day 1: large amounts of screaming, screetching and all sorts of tears streamed in every direction when water approached his extremities. the outlook was bleek for entertaining any sort of water sports.

beach day 2: after 20 min of intense refusal, he was willing to sit momenarilly in a baby raft. soon he was rafting all over, but refused to be taken out of the raft to swim with either of us.

beach day 3: something strange must have transpired within this little guy because suddenly, he was asking to be thrown in the air while in the baby raft. "higher, higher!" he would demand.

then, out of the blue, mr. rowan became a water boy. suddenly he was leaping and jumping. in fact, he seems to have very little fear at all.

maybe he just needs a transition period. maybe i need a better method of introducing new expiriences.

regardless, he's newly water worthy.

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  1. Looks like you are all having a blast! I am jealous:) Go Rowie!!!



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