today was...

long. exhausting. happy.
we started early, ended late...we had swim lessons, glasses repair, haircuts, picnic lunches, longwood gardens, bbq with friends, and even the sandbox with a slight detour in our rabbit infested garden. oh, and this is the second consecutive day of no naps. yes, my friends, these have been L-O-N-G days. thankfully, that's been a good thing (for the most part) because we have jam packed our schedule with things we love. one of my most favorite moments in recent memory occurred today. on our way out of Longwood, we took a siesta in the sculpted trees...truly one of our favorite spots. picturesque. endearing. great for hide and seek, racing, wrestling, and smiling after an ultrasonic meltdown (of which we had 3 just moments before). there's nothing like a little nature to perk up two little boys. we laughed together and chased each other. it was like a scene from a romantic comedy when the couple in love strolls in the park and sees the perfect family laughing and giggling together. for a moment, that was the three of us. un-napped, sticky-creviced, damp and more than a little over-tired...but romantic comedy cinema worthy.  i'm in love with this shot. maybe my favorite ever...because it captures how our afternoon felt :)

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