it was the final hoorah for clint's softball team last night. we've enjoyed a season of fun watching the men-folk heave-ho home runs and side-arm shortstop their way to the church league playoffs. although i love being on the field myself, i've resigned to spectatorship for one fact only. i love watching clint. granted "watch" is a loose term since spectatorship implies sitting and watching...and mom-ville more accurately admits little watching and more homing-device child perusing. i guess it's more of what i see after the game. a certain rejuvenation in his stature after a hard thrown game. the jousting man-jokes and skin-slapping high-fives seems to give his game nature hope of battling for something...anything...even if it's just church softball...it's the chase of victory. or a laugh or two when victory is occasionally replaced by defeat. the funny thing is, you'd never know it. there's aren't any slumped shoulders or mean spirited words to the guy who missed a fly ball. there are no hats thrown in disgust at the umps or haughty attitudes. they lost their last playoff game tonight. they sprayed each other with water bottles and cheered and praised their fellow team-mates. truth be told, half the time i'm too busy chasing kids to see much of the game, let alone see who was victorious. after seeing their gleeful demeanor after the game i usually take my 50/50 shot and assume they won, only to find the outcome was not so chummy after all. it's the camaraderie. i love it.

i also love my camera. can you tell i'm in love with all things softball tonight? the 1960's feel of the community that hometown sports creates. grandparents, darby dogs and the row of babyville moms and toting toddlers. the baseball stance of my brother and the WELDON stamped proudly on the back of my husband's jersey. my kids getting covered in fine, orange baseball field dirt...then eating pickles...therefore by default ingesting handfuls of said dirt by-way-of sticky pickles.

oh how i love softball season.
and oh how i love that it's over :)


  1. I agree with your sentiments exactly! Especially the last line. =) Matt's last game was last Monday... it was fun! It's so nice to be over too as well. =) Fun pictures!

  2. I love church softball season too. Hot dogs and 2 popcicles for 10 cents. It's the perfect night.




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