hide me in your heart...i mean cart

every time i'm in the grocery store, i get nosy. i love to see what people put in their carts and ponder their menus. i've been cooking my way through a new cookbook and have found a love for trying new recipes and new grocery items. this past week, it was chobani yogurts. a little pricey, yes, but oh-so-delicious.

other must haves...
arnold's bread: i always upon always buy any multi-grain/whole wheat variety on sale. it's my favorite upon favorite bread.
raspberries/strawberries: we can house a carton in an afternoon. we seriously need to to plant our own....or invest in the berry market.
asparagus: oooh, i love it. reminds me of growing up and fresh asparagus from the garden
butternut squash: chop and roast that baby tossed in olive oil and a dash of pepper...look out...amazing!
scratchy monkey: somehow he always ends up in there :)

i have two firm grocery store rules...
(1) no car carts. i dispise them. they never fit down the isles or checkout lane and they push crooked.
(2) no donuts.

sometimes you just gotta break the rules :)

snap a pic the next time you're at the store...i'd love to see what's in your cart!


  1. I maintain one of those rules..no car carts! I hate them! Although I went shopping with both boys for the first time and quickly ran out of room in the back with a toddler filling half the cart! I may have to break that rule soon. However, I do pick up a donut or two a lot of time....shhh...

  2. chobani pineapple are my fave! yum!!! you should come up here to morgantown sometime to weavers market. pick your own fruit: it's pretty reasonably priced and all you can eat while you pick... you might just get your money's worth ;)

  3. you would have loved a random blog I found once of pictures of what's in people's refrigerators. It was so fun! i'm gonna text you a picture of mine since I don't know when I'll be at the grocery store next...

  4. At least this is what I start with in my cart ;0



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