jazzed up

if you need a good reason to buy a new cookbook, simply pack up and move from your residence and put your cookbooks into a box with other miscellaneous, non-kitchen items. leave the box unmarked and then stow them into oblivion so no man, woman, or child will ever find them again. brilliant, i know.

thus, my new cookbook.

it's amazing. really. i don't often get all jazzed up about cookbooks, but there is something so fresh and artistic about this one. it inspires in me that i could actually make lamb kebabs or beef wellington or even an everyday classic.

you see, i find myself ever panicking at 4:45pm. the kids are crying, i'm distressing over what in the world we are going to eat, and the overall mood turns to disaster. it's a trend i'd like to remove.

i'm making this tomorrow night.

this the next night.

and this the next.

honestly, i wish tomorrow night was right now. it's 11:15pm and i'm 2 steps away from firing up the grill.

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  1. So which night can I come over for dinner? :)

    I'm so impressed! The recipes look amazing and I'm proud of you for planning ahead. I think that's the hardest part, forcing yourself to figure out all the weeks meals at once and then shop accordingly. I dread planning our weekly meals on Sunday or Monday, but then it feels so nice to already know what you're fixing for dinner every night and take your time making it.



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