mr. happy swim trunks

kids are so wonderful and inventive. they can pick up and play something with just about anything and anyone. water in general is a catalyst for great creative play, but add in reece's peanut butter cups, recycling containers, and shade for two tierd mamas, and you have a recipe for the perfect afternoon.

my rowie became one of the big boys today. somehow all of the sudden, he's keeping up. no longer 7 steps behind, he's now joining in. and today, he said goodbye sour grapes, hello mr. happy swim trunks and gave the big boys a run for their money.
my rowie is a conundrum of immense personality possibilities. he not only possesses a vast number of facial glances, most of which containing some type of flirtatious action, but today he found a hose and perilous victims to torture.
he came alive with delight.

as you can see, his victims were miserable :)

squirting and sloshing led to slurping. 

and before we knew, slurping led to spit washing. lindsay, and i looked at each other, shrugged, and said, "if you don't care, i don't care!" 

they are, after all, little boys. who love to spit and pee in the bushes and zerbert just about every moment of the day. what's a little spit water among friends, right?

while the pictures were adorable, watching the afternoon unfold was so picturesque and amazing. it was quite possibly one of the best afternoons as of yet. especially because lindsay and i got to watch from nearby chairs placed strategically in the shade :)

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  1. What is it about little boys and hoses? When Reece gets a hold of one he turns into a little maniac, it's so funny to watch! Love this post and the pics are fab.



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