i'm taking steps in perspective. trying to wake up each morning and genuinely be glad it's morning. most mornings it's true...i greet my children with a heartfelt "good morning, i'm so glad you're awake!" but, i said trying. there are days when i fake it...my enthusiasm. my life seems to move in cycles. every three days or so i hit a wall. i awake to find i feel like a soppy rag getting drug across the garage floor. it takes a grand effort to go from lying to sitting. even grander to move into stumbling, er, uh, standing.  i want to greet my children with enthusiasm. trying to remember it's their day too. they do not exist to be toted along in a progression of things that i need or want to get done and shuffled through the day trying to keep up with me...it's their day, too.

i heard a little boy request a few weeks back. the request was adventure. i was apparently on day three because i couldn't find the energy to drag my soppy rag self out the door.
this past monday was the perfect afternoon to grant such a grand request.
the breeze...oh my. it felt like spring. 300 acres of adventure. the shade. the birds. the balmy 74 degrees. the scent. perfection.

as we walked, foster noticed so much more than i. even a GIANT spider web right in front of me that i nearly walked face-first into. we look pictures of everything. rocks. weeds. each other. worms. snack time.

when we got home, i downloaded our dueling cameras and found such adorable perspectives.
after all, photographs are my love language...it seems fitting to get my kids hooked on the same lingo :)

my shot.

his shot.

                                                                          my perspective.

                                                                         his perspective.

                                                                 rowan's perspective.

                                                        "mom, take a picture of me!"

                                                       "foster, take a picture of me...."
                        (apparently my legs and galoshes were the only limbs worth photographing :)

                                                                 then we found this:

a hidden spy cam of sorts. pretty odd.
after snapping a picture (of course) we headed out...unsure of why anyone is filming 300 acres of woods, and pondering what sort of secret spy just captured a shot of me taking a picture of it taking a picture of me.
apparently they have a perspective as well.


  1. I thought this was a great post. I sometimes forget that it's my kids' day as well as my day. We need more adventures around here. Loved the photos. Yours and theirs.

  2. I stumbled across your blog and read this post and wanted to let you know that the camera on the tree was for taking pictures of wildlife...it's for hunting purposes mostly..just thought i would let you know!



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