baby chicks

there's nothing like the sweet peeps of these soft fluffy lovies. my rowie is quite the chicken charmer. i'm sure he would have tucked one in his pocket and carried it around all day if i let him. i'm half considering getting baby chicks of our own just to see the delight on his little rowie face. and look at that gentle finger posture...well versed from all of our summer frog holding, no doubt. this little chickie owes his local frog community for such tender treatment :)
the neat thing is, my dad grew up on a chicken farm. i love introducing things to my kids that are in their history. i bet my dad sat exactly the same way, giggling over their little feathers fanning his nose and their little tiny "peep, peep" when he kissed their fuzzy head.

thanks penny & eleanor...we love you...and your baby chicks :)


  1. i'm having a rather serious blog crush on you right now. your photos are fantastic! i recently got photoshop, but was an avid picnik-er before. i do still miss some of the ease of use with that site, although i don't miss the uploading process! thanks for the great posts!

  2. Awwww - these are so sweet - ditto on Heather's comment - loving your site :D



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