bird snapping

i decided to take a whole day of photos looking down from above....which is aided by my long and lanky legs, and the fact that i am hopelessly in love with taken-from-above photos.

i love the perspective change. there is something special about the way things look from above. like my camera is a bird flying overhead...conveniently flapping and snapping pictures in one swoop :)

as i was bird snapping, i noticed something. little girls wear fantastic hair accessories...all the time. even whilst creek stomping.  it's quite amazing to me since i live in boy world where little boys spend 74% of their day in tightie-whities. tighttie-whities and not an accessory in sight. i am always so surprised to remember that girls accessorize. they coordinate. they change into princess gowns and wear lipstick.

i'm savoring my findings...someday i'll need to know how to to accessorize...how to coordinate...how to get all dolled up even with no place to go. i can't wait.

until then, i'm enjoying trucks and mud and buckets....

and someday little sister will add some lovely dashes of pink and purple accessories to mix in  :)

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