destracted spit clean

can i mention something quite embarrassing? for those of you reading, i sure hope you can relate, because this is a true testament to the sever level of my distraction when the kids are in full tilt, and i still haven't had my 2nd cup of coffee :)

background item #1: foster has glasses. he's been wearing them for almost 9 months. he wears them all day, everyday.
background item #2: kids in glasses are too adorable for words :)
background item #3: rowan does not wear glasses. he dabbles in sun glasses, but usually wears them upside down and then pokes himself in the eye.

scenario: in the middle of what can on be described as mayhem, foster says: "mom, my glasses are all smudgy. can you clean them? mom, they're smudgy. can you help me? MOM! M-O-M!!"

i say, "sure buddy. sorry, i couldn't hear you over the vacuum cleaner, the recorder your brother is squawking and the sound of my thoughts hitting the side of my brain" (ok, so really all i said was the vacuum part :)
i quickly do a spit clean and shirt wipe, and then remember that my little ones need my full love and attention. afterall, my motto is "it's their day, too". i think to myself, "what a great mom i am. i know just when to pay attention. i'm quite amazing, yes, that's me. amazing."
i kneel down, look into his sweet eyes, kiss his little lippies and say, "here you go buddy! no problem...all cleaned up." as i put his glasses on.

giggle, giggle, giggle....
i look around from my own little world of amazingness and see foster (standing on the other side of the room NOT wearing glasses) laughing hysterically.
i look at the child standing right in front of me, looking oh-so-googlie and cute...giggling uncontrollably...wearing glasses. yes, that's right. i put glasses on the wrong child...and it didn't even cross my mind that i was eye glassing the wrong eyes.

[in all seriousness, i have done this going on 4 times. clint will come home from work and ask how our day went. i'll say, "well, i put foster's glasses on rowan again today, so it was a rough one."
it's our new gauge for days that tighten our patience.]

my amazingness is put back into perspective. i'm not amazing...i'm destracted.

my house echoes with the giggles of little boys...so i give up on cleaning and i laugh too. i chase rowan around in his googlie big brother glasses, and we all laugh at their silly mama who puts glasses on the wrong boy.

and our day lightens. i put the vacuum away. we sit. we picnic. we pretend we are camping and lay on the floor with couch pillows and sheets. we snuggle.

in this case, i'm thankful for my distraction. sometimes it's just what i need to get my focus back.

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  1. that is hilarious! you're sounding like me!!! :)



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