embarrassing coffee

i've decided. it's official. kids in backpacks are crazy cute. especially these two. they even commenced a 1st day of school dance off, which i so regret not having on video. it was school day incredible.

since i didn't want to be "that" mom who obnoxiously takes pictures during her child's first day of class, i snagged one with my camera phone hoping no one would notice :)

at the end of the day, we were pooped. the boys vegged for 45 min while i collapsed in a heap of exhaustion on the couch. our day was incredible, but we all needed a mental rest. we learned the 7 biomes, 5 latin words, the bodies of water in Europe, 6 parts of speech, names of continents, how to count by 2's and at least 4 other incredible things i can't remember. it was awesome. i've never felt better about homeschooling.
can you tell our brains were filled to capacity?

our great day was not without at least one embarrassing moment. i can't seem to escape them. thankfully i'm good at laughing them off...but this one was especially mortifying :)

we waltzed into our homeschool morning assembly with our adorable cuffed pants and hearts full of anticipation. and a room full of people we don't know. hoping to make a good impression, we smile and say hi and find a seat in the middle of the newly renovated school assembly room. i look about and introduce myself to a few of the ladies.
what was originally a huge ancient barn, is now a newly refurbished church who graciously allows our homeschool co-op to meet each week. i mention this because the newly refurbished church has really beautiful and shiny hardwood floors under the rows of stadium seating. not only did we wear our buzz-laden backpacks, but i wielded a handful of morning wake up. a LARGE dunkin doughnuts dark roast iced coffee in hand. i had only taken one sip when i see my good friend jill, and set my coffee down to chat. i no sooner look over and see rowie walking down the slender isles toward me. it's like a slow motion film. i see his tender steps. i see my brimming iced cup of wake-up standing tall on the hardwood directly in his path. i see something so horrible that all i can do is watch. it was only a slight sandal nudge. i thought for a moment it could recover. but that would be too normal. the coffee wobbles. it wiggles. it does a topsy-turby side roll and splashes in all directions as the perfectly light beige concoction spreads like wildfire under and around 4 rows of seating. i look at jill. "i really wish that didn't just happen." i say with a smile. "do you think anyone will notice if we just pick up our stuff and leave? :)"
i stand up slowly. tell my children calmly to sit still not move. i want to run, but i walk. in the nearby kitchen. i find a grocery bag, and in the absence of not even a single roll of paper towels, i snag a bag of napkins. i scurry and slather and slosh up the disaster that surrounds like a stealthy coffee cleanup spy. i stay low. i see a few little eyes peer from under nearby chairs. i smile.
i'm sure i'll be known as "that mom who spilled her whole cup of coffee on the 1st day" from now on :)

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  1. oh i so feel for you!!!! those things always happen to me!!!



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