makeshift life

it's the best kind.
target fashion and box-made-boats.
fishing poles and purple fruit smoothies.

i'm all about makeshift. the fact that most of our belongings and everyday items are in boxes poses a locating issue, but even more problematic is the fact they are stored in the 2nd floor of my in-laws barn...where the temperature resides in the low 110 degree region. since i'd rather not step foot up there, let alone rummage through our stacks upon stacks of boxes to attempt recovering individual items, we makeshift.

the boys randomly remember their favorite toys or art projects that are packed amongst our harried belongings. if i had a dollar for every time i said "sorry honey, it's in the barn" i'd have paid for our adoption by now :)

but i must say, in the absence of our usual array of junk, we create something new and wonderful almost everyday...better than any toy department can create. makeshift. it's my favorite.

when someday we finally find our new house...when we are no longer in limbo. when the quest for our daughter is over. when my boys can run outside in their own yard, and teach their sister how to ride a bike and pick cherry tomatoes. when we are finally upon finally settled and into the groove of life...i don't want to forget to makeshift. i want to make box boats and homemade smoothies before bed. and stick fishing poles and old fashioned cup-string phones. this is the time of life to makeshift. it's truly the best...the best time of life.

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