my picnik obsession. look out...it could be yours, too.

i don't have photoshop. no uber-cool iphoto. no critically-acclaimed lightroom. just lame-o "paint" and whatever else came standard on my laptop.
to a lover of all things in picture, the absence of these tools is closely related to torture. sheer photography torture.

somehow i never knew about picnik.
it's clever "cross process", noteworthy "curves" settings, and drama adding "vignette"...
the ease of cropping just the way you want it, changing the exposure, or the magical "auto-fix"
i'm totally addicted.
i've yet to come close to trying all of the features, and i've used it everyday for the past 2 weeks.
oh, and did i mention it's free?!
AND pulls your photos from picasa, photobucket, or wherever you have them??

seriously, i should get paid for this glowing review...i'm gushing over in positive compliments...picnik, are you listening??   :)

so. i'm telling you, in case you're like me...no photoshop. no iphoto. no lightroom.
i'm sure you'll be so delighted, that all of your photos will be picnik'd to perfection :)

during my recent picnik-ing, i discovered that i love making new pictures look aged.
perhaps even dusty.
there's a "Polaroid" setting that i am in love with! along with an airbrush feature that is the coolest thing i've ever seen. (check out the food on penny's face that i airbrushed off!! amazing!)

oh, and towards the bottom...rowie holding a newspaper? yep, that's a "spray tan"! my kid has never been so med-beige in his whole life!


  1. it's my obsession too :) I have the paid version in fact...and for 24 bucks, its TOTALLY worth it!

    I loooooooooooove it.

  2. so very cool! i was wondering how you got some of those effects :)
    I have iphoto, which has a lot of neat editing features, but i have a LONGING for more! Thanks for the tip, Ang!

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