the night before

our first day of school.
i'm giddy. nervous. and excited. i have everything layed out perfectly. lunches packed. snacks safely stowed. school outfits set out. pencils sharpened. 1st day of school surprise tucked away in each homeschool co-op goer's backpack.
tomorrow i have plans to take the most adorable 1st day of school photos. i'm sure someone will be crying and someone won't want to cooperate :) but maybe, just maybe, the stars will align and we'll be all 1st day of school smiles.

i swore i would get cool, less-is-more, demure book bags.
we actually had 2 adorable ones floating around here, and just when i need them, they vanish. i've search for 3 days. vanished.

so, we headed to target last night to rummage through the sale racks.
of course, we ended up with these.

as far from 'less-is-more' as buzz lightyear himself can fly.
we also ended up with buzz lightyear 'night before our 1st day of school pj's' and buzz lightyear pencils. buzz lightyear out the wazoo. and somehow, i think it's adorable. :)

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  1. Super adorable!!! toy story is the best. movies are so cute with such cute messages and my brother was 4 when they came out so they always remind me of him in his buzz lightyear and woody outfit... ahhh so cute. Little boys are so cute ;) How fun you are school shopping for your little ones. I was always so excited to receive the school shopping loot but (minus the price tag), i imagine it would be so fun to see it through your children's eyes.



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