sea worthy

i'm very shamed to admit we went to our local library for the first time this past week.
horrifying, i know.  i have no idea why i've yet to take advantage of it's polite sharing capabilities, except to say my good intentions don't always amount to actual reality.
my boys are avid bookies and haven't let my lack of library exposure effect them detrimentally.
so on thursday, much to their delight, they discovered what a library was.
it was fun showing them how much there is to learn and how fun it can be to discover so many new books.

much to my chagrin, there was a row of 8 computers lined up with 8 kids playing video games right next to the reading area, which, in my opinion does not inspire curious library newbies to concentrate on their love of book reading. i'm not so into my kids playing video games just yet, and my plan is to hold them off as long as i can because i know it's inevitable...
but video games in the library? isn't there something wrong with that scenario?
ok, i'm done video game bashing.
back to the library...amongst the stack of books we checked out along with a video rental of Wally (which i found out i am in LOVE with now), we got a book called "the little toy boat".
they were mesmerized by the little boy who build his very own boat and set it sail.
we found it quite inspiring.  
seriously, does a video game inspire boat building?
i think not :)
and yes, we were wearing only our underoos under our art smocks. that's how we roll :)

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  1. You have such great photos! Love your effects.




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