these heels

are awesome.
have more gold than trump plaza.
aren't mine.

thanks to her amazing collection of all things beautiful, my sister in love let me sport these fancy-schmancy BCBG babies for our anniversary dinner to pf changs.
they alone are responsible for me wanting to schlep across the parking lot to the nearby shopping center for some date night window shopping.
ah, shoes. my former obsession. although most are packed away somewhere, save my tall black boots, i love wearing heels. there's something about jeans and heels...they make my newly purchased skinny jeans look so much more skinny...the skinnier the better, i say. those babies are hard to pull off and i'm still working on my skinny jean confidence :)
oh to conjoin children and fancy shoes. if only we didn't trudge in mud and crab walk across the living room. otherwise heels would make my lunch making skills much more productive. i could reach such high heights in the pantry and step delicately over drifting automobiles that are ever in my walkway. plus, it would give me more of a calf and thigh workout whilst chasing my 2 year old around the table as we roar like lions.
yes, i'm trying to make a plight for heels in the mom-job workplace. realistic? no. dreamworthy? yes.
back to my flip-flops :)


  1. Very cute. I've been inspired to be a bit more "classy" in my mom attire. No point in looking frumpy. P.S. I LOVE pf changs.

  2. i have a girlfriend who pulls off mom-heels. she has shown up to many-a playdate sporting jeans and heels. and i always swoon over her.

    and i have zero skinny jean confidence. unless my top covers most of my rear end. and abs. three kids make tummy spill-over in jeans that tight! i'm jealous of your shoes, and ability to wear skinnies well.



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