warm summer sky

the sun.
it's warm today. not hot, just warm.
i can hear birds. the wind. leaves.
someone is riding a bike and someone is splashing someone with a hose.
both someones are giggling.
i love summer. warm summer.
barefeet in grass. art projects that are messy.
cold iced coffee. days with no baths, just lots of swimming.
lawn chairs with my mom, and cooking dinner with the food network on.
the smell of anything grilled, the sound of crickets, giant frogs and night sky as we sleep.
forever wishing summer would stay and winter would never come.
letting my kids have just one more freeze pop.
going fishing in the stream and to bed late.
ritas on a hot night and blankets on a cold one.
leftover sand in my favorite yellow bag
and leftover memories to cherrish.
i love...


  1. I LOVE the smell of grilled food wafting through my neighborhood. Nothing screams summer more to me. Oh, and I love getting in my very warm from the sun car. I think that feeling is the best. Not for TOO long...but I just love it. It's like a warm hug. I'm weird.

  2. okay, girlfriend...i had to come over to your place to meet you. i love your writing! you have an amazing voice! and what a story about the dooce featuring your bags! too.cool! i'm a follower now...thanks again for the comment today

  3. okay, so this was just amazingly beautiful. All of your words I could feel and liken to a memory I have! Especially being barefoot in the grass and allowed one more popsicle. :) I'm glad you're enjoying summer!

  4. i love your style and thoughts on life!



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