fall is creaping in

and i love every minute.

after a scorching summer that had me considering a move to the antarctic, i can't say enough about the cooling fall breeze. we've spent several days this week out of doors from morning till dinner and countless times i've exclaimed, "wow, what a beautiful day" as if each moment was new and fresh again. there is something about fall that reminds me how much i love relaxing days with no agenda. or perhaps the busying schedule makes me cherish those moments all the more.

i even broke out the hoodies when our dear friends came over for a play day this morning. coffee, a tire swing, sand box, and push bikes on a grassy hill. there's nothing quite like it.

i love looking back a week of photos. if i had my way, i would print a photo album every month. it would be the perfect gauge of our year to see them all lined up month by month. oh to have a day to myself each month to undertake such a project. maybe 2 days. one for photo albums and one for organizing the piles of randomness that somehow explode no matter how often i organize them. a third day would be splendid to catch up on my etsy stockpile. and a 4th day would surely come in hand to try the once-a-month-cooking strategy i have always wanted to attempt. i could easily fill up a 5th day with all of the things i didn't get done during the previous 4 days and i a lovely 6th could be filled with watching a few netflix movies i never take the time to view whilst enjoying a large bowl of ice cream and a corona light :)
so 6 days. lets round it to an even 7. a full week each month to be up to nothing but my own devices. can you imagine? oh the wonderfulness.

since i'll never get around to printing a monthly photo journal for my own viewing pleasure, i'll just keep blogging. sometimes i think of it as a love letter to my kids. a journal of my thoughts about life...their life. how loved they are. how cherished. how much i love that i don't have 7 days every month without them because i would surely be missing them after just 1. my little appendages. i love that they are appendages. we are still in the stage where they need me. although frustrating at dinnertime :) i otherwise welcome the fact that they need me. i know it won't be long before they are embarrassed of my kisses...they will be tough enough to not need band aids for every little scratch...and their first love will sweep them off of their feet. i don't have much longer. i can feel it. so i'm cherishing our past 7 days, and the 7 to come.


  1. these blogs of ours are little time capsules. occasionally, i'll cruise back in time through my archives and relive some of the sweeter moments in our life all over again. or the craziest. or the most frustrating. we are living the times of our lives right now, this time with our children as littles. this is the period in every woman's life that she swoons over forever. keep documenting, sista, and loving on those children of yours.

  2. ang- i couldn't love that picture of you and rowie more. adorable :)



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