a great day

such a day full of blessings!! i've got an etsy full of orders...a dossier that is ready to send to china (and is close to finally being pushed into action from the proceeds of this surge of orders...oh yea, baby...that's what i'm talking about :) and so much encouragement and love from so many people that i don't even know. i love that about the blog world. it doesn't feel far away. people of all walks of life join up. encourage. inspire.

thank you to so many people who made today fantastic. people i would love to run over and hug if only i could meet them in person. facebook postings, etsy messagers, blog writers, friends, new friends, soon to be friends. i just can't get over it. what a day.

someday i'll be able to post about her. my Emery Lin. when she will finally be ours. my daughter. the little girl who doesn't know any of this is going on a world away. who doesn't yet know how i adore her. dream of her. speak of her daily. cover her little life in prayer.
you are a part of her story. she will know of the amazing people who paved a way for our family to be complete. when she plays with her brothers in the yard and they giggle and race and talk and dream...i will cherish all we have been through. and finally be able to breathe knowing all of my children, wheather born of my body, or another's, are safe and loved and rejoyced over. oh the day. the great great day.  i can hardly wait!

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  1. Just found your blog from Ashley's! We're waiting for my nephew, Ian, to make it home. I'm just the aunt, but can understand your desire for your daughter to be home!



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