man brain

men have the ability to only think about one thing at a time. i've realized recently it's not as much of a disadvantage as we women folk often conclude. i've realized it might just be a gift. a beautiful, one-thought-process, focus-producing gift. take for example this morning. as i ran from room to room, packing lunches, forgetting where i left my clothes, wrangling children, making breakfast, mumbling this and hoisting that, i came to the conclusion that can't even grasp a single thought long enough to remember what in the world i am supposed to be concentrating on. i end up doing 20 things at once and i'm sure i look like whirlwinding gumby to anyone lucky enough to witness my gallivanting throughout the house. it never fails that i can't find my keys and i leave my coffee sitting on the counter and have to run back upstairs to get it.
more often than not, i end up walking out of the house without the one thing i was supposed to remember. this morning it was a priority mail box that had to ship today. i got all the way IN the post office and realized i didn't have it. super. looks like another trip to the post office is in my future for this afternoon.

i can only seem to escape my thoughts on purpose. the brain chatter get so loud at times that i have to force myself to fake man brain and focus.

today, i turned off my thoughts, took a detour from our errands and pulled over at the first park we passed. i sat in the grass. we found a secret beach oasis. i breathed. climbed the jungle gym spider web. ate peanut butter pretzels and rode bikes. somehow, among the chatter, i relaxed. finally.

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  1. I agree with you! I often chide men (okay my boyfriend) for only focusing on the now when it comes to things we have to do, plans or shopping (he will literally go to the mall for shoes and doesn't really deter from that task, if I want to look at something he usually say something along the lines of "this is a shoe trip!"... can't we do both?) anyway, but you are right to see the positive in it. I am often running around, taking too many pictures and not enjoying the moment for what it is. Sometimes I feel like I am too busy mobile uploading the views on my phone to even notice them... I'm glad you took a moment to breathe it all in! Beautiful images by the way!



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