today i had a moment. it was awesome.

i keep finding moments. the kind of moments that make an exhausted day lighten just enough to bring a smile. a smile brings a little stress relief. stress relief leads to lighten anxiety. which then, in turn, makes the little things seem so much more important and the big things less intimidating.

yesterday my moment was with a friend. we sat and chatted during the kids homeschool co-op. we found ourselves in similar life expiriences of figuring out ways to  keep pushing past overwhelmed to get to the next step. just being together and knowing we weren't alone in overwhelmed-ville. it was comforting.  i often live in the town of overwhelmed because as much as i hate it, i often thrive there.

these moments.
moments that remind me to take a step back. to literally take note of blessings and the amazing people that surround us who really, genuinely care. the ones that bring you your favorite iced coffee when you meet for a play date. the ones that listen when you've had a long week. the ones that text for a last minute playdate. call for no reason. email a fantastic blog they know you would love. facebook a message of encouragement.  it's the personal touch of someone reaching out and reaching into your moment of overwhelmed.
i'm here. you aren't alone.

i woke up feeling exhausted. you know, for-real-exhausted. pushed past tiered like a month ago, exhausted. way over drowsy. literally, i have been up into the wee hours of-oh-around-3am for over two weeks now. my inspiration arrives late...late at night that is. i can't help it. maybe it's nocturnal :)
then a moment arrived.
one of my time favorite blogs was kind enough to featured a few of my bags and headbands! i am so excited i could do a little dance all the way across the yard.  and i just might :)

wham.  a moment...a large moment of wake up - overwhelmed? it's ok...you are not alone!

ashley (who writes this oh-so-top-5-favorite-blog) has got to be one of the sweetest people ever. seriously...can i be her neighbor? she has an essence. a fantastic real kindness that permeates.

if you don't already read her blog....start now.
fantastic. talented. down to earth. creative. loves all things old and turns them new. loves her kids. takes pride in the littleness of life. the things that are the essence of who we are as women and mothers.

you will walk away inspired. i do every time :)

ashley...thank you for letting me be a small part of your awesomeness. you rock :)


  1. not quite sure how i stumbled upon your blog but i'm sure glad i did. my husband and i are adopting as well and today a person that i didn't even know that well gave quite a bit to our funds...believes in what we are doing and didn't want to us feel on our own. what a moment it was for me! blessing you to and your family.

  2. Thanks for such a thoughtful write up. I'm not very sweet though...ask my hubby, he knows me best! Thanks for my fabulous bags & headbands!!!

  3. one line..."keep pushing past overwhelmed" gosh, ang. that is exactly where i'm at. you're totally right...it's those MOMENTS that make it bearable! thanks for the reminder!



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