headphones, chainsaws, and waffle smooshies

yesterday was a great day for many reasons...in fact, i could write another whole post on the great day i had yesterday. it was filled with all the normal things...but it was one of those days when i saw all of the normal things and remembered how great they are.

it also included some unusal things. like watching clint chainsaw a few dead trees to use as firewood this winter.

we were all in attendance for the event. it was quite entertaining. we even brought our chainsaw approved headgear, which we will use any excuse to wear.

headphones are like soccer cleats...there's rarely a situation when we don't want to wear them. to target. during our nap. whilst taking a bath. i've heard it all. this past summer we got to use them for real at monsterjam with the mcintires and stephen. it was awesome. ok, not the monsterjam part so much. it was a little redneck, but the friends and fun and headphones? and monster truck loving boys?? that was the best part.

and i love upon love pictures with headphones. not sure what it is. but they are cute cute cute.

back to yesterday. headphones and chainsaws. oh and picnic lunches on the driveway with falling trees in view. the menu? waffle smooshies.

by far the greatest pb&j reinvention of the 21st century. combining an old classic with a waffle twist. works on the go and at home. we highly recommend it. i must give credit to foster, though. he awoke one morning and declaired he wanted a waffle smooshie for breakfast. i had no idea what he was talking about. apparently he dreamt this ingenious idea and we have been enjoying it ever since.

oh, and my man wielding a chainsaw? yea, he's awesome :)

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I loved the pictures! And I love your littlest boy's sweater. So fun!!!



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