the leaves were crunchy today.

i never knew how much fun they were to crunch until we swirled around for an afternoon basking in their noisy glory.

we tossed and wrestled and ran amuck this afternoon. i layed down to snap photos and became a tackle target....
hence foster's pre-tackle fist pump...

rowie was giggling so hard as he sneaked up from aside to tickle me, he kept falling over from laughing so hard before he could even begin his wigglie finger tickles. i would laugh because he was laughing which would make him giggle all the more.

they would 'secretly' gather piles of leaves to toss on top of me to which i would retaliate profusely.

i wore a sticky sweater that seemed to have extreme leaf magnetism.

i sat down to pull leaves out of my hair and clothes and foster came over and plopped down next to me. "here, i'll help you mommy. ooh, here's one stuck in your hair. i'll get these off of your shoulder. oh mommy, i got you really good. rowie, come help clean leaves off of mama. she's got leaves everywhere!"

so i tackled him with kisses for his sweetness. and we got leafier again.

they hunted for the giant leaves to add to our collection.
we have various collections of leaves in every part of our lives. in the front seat of the car. in the backseat...but now those got stepped on so they are just bits of leaves now.
we have a shelf in their room just for a gallery of leaves. a discovery bucket next to their shoes as they come in the back door that collects little else except leaves.
we love leaves. what oh what will we do when they are all gone? when the trees are bare? when winter comes?
i can hardly bare to think about the winter months spent inside dreaming of spring, save for cold days we spend outside bundled like polar bears.
oh how i dislike cold.
i dislike extreme hot also.
i'm so picky, it's true.
perhaps those in san diego have no such problems.
can i transplant all the things i love about chester county PA and take them to the CA coast?

here's to an awesome fall.
maybe one that i've loved more than any other because we've made so many fun memories and discoveries together.
please stay a little longer...i miss you already :)

now i'm off to build a wall-e robot for foster to wear at the neighborhood block party tomorrow night. i'm determined to turn a huge box, a roll of duct tape and anything else free laying around the house into an awesome robot :)

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  1. this made me cry. thank you for sharing these! i want pics of my own family like this someday.



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