as i was boxing up a few orders for a post office run later today, i overheard the following transpire from the vicinity of the living room. keep in mind the only two female cousins in the family have been here this past week and have infiltrated our boy land with some lady accessories. for the record, i love it...little boys naturally play trucks and mud and giant leaf jumping piles, but seldom does anyone encourage them to embrace what will later be their future fathering abilities. when we are among our little lady friends, we do our share of stroller pushing and baby doll carrying and teeny tiny tea sets. they love it. i love it. someday they will be dads like their own dad. able to rough house and rock a baby to sleep with the same gusto.

ok, back to this morning...

foster: lets play dolls.

rowan: ok. i want this one.

foster: lets adopt a baby doll.

rowan: ok. i'll drive.

foster: this one looks nice!

rowan: oops, i drop her. sorry baby! you ok?

foster: she's fine. can you be more gentle?

rowan: ok. i wove her.

foster: i love her too.  ok, lets go make a party.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS. That just makes me smile so big! They are the cutest. Seriously. I love when you share some of their conversations. So precious. P.S. I love the new family pic on the side too- so perfect! Can't wait for baby sister to be there!!! xo

  2. I cannot even take it!!! You have the 2 sweetest boys on earth. I hope Sam is that sensitive and caring as he grows. Come over to our house anytime for some fun girlyness. We can throw a mean tea party and LOVE to play with baby dolls. Eva is a real pro :)



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