weekend wedding

we had one of the best weekends. ever.
we danced the nights away. we ate. we laughed. we cried tears of joy as a new weldon came into the family.
i have blisters all over my feet from awesome black high heels and 2 solid nights of non stop dancing. but, if the dance floor called tonight and said it needed another go, i'd be right there. dancing it up. gimpy blisters and all.
it was a beautiful day in every way possible. there is something so special about an outdoor wedding and theirs was absolutely perfect.

and now, it's tuesday. chad and becky are chilling somewhere on a white sandy beach drinking something cold with an umbrella sticking out of the glass. i'm a teeny bit jealous. as i sit writing, a stink bug crawled across my arm and i had a momentary freak out. our room looks like a bomb went off and literally mixed up all our stuff and tossed it in all directions. the laundry pile is so overwhelming i might as well give up and just donate the entire pile to the goodwill rather than spend 4 hours folding it :)
we're back to real life.
it makes me remember our own honeymoon. 7-some years ago. it feels like a lifetime ago with all that has changed...but then again, if i take a moment, i can picture that bright blue water and feel the calming peace of not having a care in the world.
we took a cruise to bermuda. one of the most lovely places on earth. i took along dozens of skimpy sundresses and strappy heels. we planned on staying up late, drinking our share of the islands' pina colatas, and relaxing for days on end.
day one of our seven day cruise included 2 mopeds rentals bright and early in the morning. we wanted to see the island and find a nice quite beach upon which to plop our tired selves. we nearly made it to the opposite side of the island, and i was quite proud of myself for not wimping out and wanting to share a moped with clint. i've done a bit of 4wheeling in my day and i was feeling so rugged sporting my very own bermuda vespa with my flower sundress fluttering along. we stopped along a cove to turn around and checkout a sunny coastline we had spotted a few yards back. i remember clint's words clearly, "stay here, i'll go check it out. i'll be right back."  but somehow they didn't register. "why should i stay here?" i thought. "i'll just follow him so he doesn't have to come back to get me."
oh, one more thing. the drive on the opposite side of the road over there. yea, i forgot to mention that, just like i forgot about it when i pulled out and into oncoming traffic, which just so happened to be a mac truck.
needless to say, it was quite possibly one of my closer encounters with death. i veered right to avoid being crushed to death, only to lay the moped over on top of myself, right smack dab in the middle of the street. the mac truck slammed on his brakes and stopped short before he cut our honeymoon very short.
the next few days were filled with large quantities of road rash, crying, whining, limping, and not a bit of strappy sandals. i'm quite sure clint was wondering what on earth he had gotten himself into. his lovely bride was now a pile of honemoon disaster. i look back now and chuckle. it was so long ago. we had so much to learn. it's our funny honeymoon story. but at the time, it was devastating. i gimped along barefoot to dinner each night whilst all the other newlyweds were looking so cute and sassy. i think round about day 5 i was able to bandage up and wear a few pairs, but all in all, it was a vacation i would love to retake, minus the mopeds.

another stink bug just crawled on me. gross.
bermuda anyone? i bet there isn't a stink bug in sight :)

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  1. I too had a head on collison with a mac truck in bermuda and nearly lost my life while riding a vespa. What an adventure! I was 17 at the time. I still love Bermuda.....road rash and all!



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