you and your awesomeness

there is someone i have loved and admired for years. she's downright one of the coolest, fun, genuine and honest people anyone will ever meet. gorgeous, rugged, God loving, adventurous. i could go on and on.

and then i spent this past weekend with her and love her all the more. it's not often (ok never) that i get a night or two out with the girls. when i can be myself...my real self. joking, laughing, sometimes a little flighty self...and know she is right there with me...now that's a friend. in fact, she is quite possibly one of the coolest people on earth. her name is julie. she's my sister in law, or should i say, sister in love.

this was the wedding.

this was friday.

i love you julie.
this post is dedicated to you and your awesomeness.

and now that you are my most faithful reader of all time, you are now cemented in blog history.

i (heart) you.

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